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Brain Sketch

Ever heard of Neurofeedback?  Neurofeedback is a frequency training system for the mind – a form of exercise for the brain.  It teaches self-control of brain functions by measuring the brain waves and providing a feedback signal.  This signal works as an information-detection flag that alerts the mind to information about its own activity.  The brain then works with this information to locate possible imbalances and re-teaches itself to create new neuropathways to self-improve.


Since your own mind is processing the signals through audio or visual cues, you and your brain are the only ones involved in your healing process and you move at your own pace – the pace that your mind dictates for you on how quickly it can assimilate information and self-correct.  It doesn’t matter what the health issue may be, or that the neurofeedback trainer is made aware of the details.  The trainer is not involved with diagnosing or treating a health condition but providing support and assistance with using the system.  You are in complete control of your own healing journey.

Everyone functions differently and heals during different time frames - this is also dependent upon what it is that you are trying to heal within yourself and how long you have been dealing with the issue(s).  Typically, improvements are noticed in 7-10 sessions and most issues have been recorded in clearing themselves up after 30-40 sessions.  This system works best with consistent timing, just as you would schedule a visit to the gym on a regular basis, your mind “exercises” would need a regular workout time planned as well, recommending 1-2x/week or bi-weekly.  The closer the sessions, the more responsive the brain is to training – in other words, it’s not having to retrain from sitting idle for weeks at a time and can pick up from its starting point faster.

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