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What system is being used for the neurofeedback?

The software used is NeurOptimal.  Article LinkArticle Link 2 | Web link:

What is the cost?

Each training session is $100.  Pricing packages are available upon request.

What happens in a normal training session?

You may either sit in a chair and watch a video during the session (there are pre-downloaded options to choose from), or lie down on a comfortable massage table and listen from a music selection while resting.  In either situation, you will wear a set of wired ear buds.  Feel free to bring your own set if you like (wired only).  A set of wires will be connected to the head in order to record a feedback signal to send back to you while enjoying your movie or music.  It is painless and many find that their minds are able to slow down from the day-to-day activities that weigh it down and are able to fall into a peaceful, meditative state that is relaxing and healing.  Sessions will average around 30-35 minutes of connection time.

Are there any side effects to using neurofeedback?

Everyone has a different experience.  There are typically no side effects, however some individuals may be more sensitive than others.  For example, these individuals may feel more tired after the first few training sessions, but the mind and body will usually adapt and those sensations wear off.

Will neurofeedback interfere with medications?

It should not interfere as it is a natural process.  

How many sessions are needed?

Sessions vary per person.  Most will begin to notice improvement after 7-10 sessions and it may take as many as 30-40 sessions to work through a particular imbalance.  Keep in mind that those who may have been dealing with a particular concern for years, might take a little longer than the recommendation to fully heal.  The key to success will be the consistency and dedication in completing the treatment.  Although one may start to feel better a few sessions in, it is possible to regress back to the previous state.  Just as experts point out that it takes 30 days of consistent work to change a habit, it is strongly suggested to stick with the 30-40 sessions until completed.  The object is to train the brain consistently with its new pattern so that it is second nature and decreases the chances of returning to the past habit.  After that, many find they don't need any further treatments or there are some who like to continue with regular "maintenance" monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  Keep in mind this is "exercise" for the brain.  As one typically would exercise the body to get in shape or lose weight, it is necessary to keep up with maintenance to keep the body at its ideal goal.  It is the same concept with the mind. 

How often are sessions needed?

It is suggested to start sessions weekly in the beginning with at least 1-2 times per week for the first 10 sessions.  You may continue that or move to once a week until the remaining sessions have been completed. If you find the benefits of relaxation and training for your mind are doing you wonders, you can continue however you like to maintain your peace of mind and balance.

What is Neurofeedback typically used for?

Neurofeedback has typically been known to show improvements with the following:









Drug Addiction

Eating Disorders



Headaches / Migraines

Health Performance

Injuries – brain or physical

Insomnia/Sleep Disorders

Learning Disabilities


Pain Management

Parkinson’s Disease

Performance Ability - improves focus and skill sets with athletes, musicians, artists, student study and test taking

Restless Leg Syndrome

There are many more areas it can assist with.  If questions or you have a particular area not listed, please do not hesitate to inquire within.

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