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What system is being used for the neurofeedback?


What is the cost?

Each training session is $100.  Pricing packages are available upon request.

What happens in a normal training session?

You may either sit in a chair and watch a video during the session (there are pre-downloaded options to choose from), or lie down on a comfortable massage table and listen from a music selection while resting.  In either situation, you will wear a set of wired ear buds.  Feel free to bring your own set if you like (wired only).  A set of wires will be connected to the head in order to record a feedback signal to send back to you while enjoying your movie or music.  It is painless and many find that their minds are able to slow down from the day-to-day activities that weight it down and are able to fall into a peaceful, meditative state that is relaxing and healing.  Sessions will average around 30-35 minutes of connection time.

Are there any side effects to using neurofeedback?

Everyone has a different experience.  There are typically no side effects, however some individuals may be more sensitive than others.  For example, these individuals may feel more tired after the first few training sessions, but the mind and body will usually adapt and those sensations wear off.

Will neurofeedback interfere with medications?

It should not interfere as it is a natural process...

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